Tanzania is one of the best places in Africa for birders due to the variety of landscapes and ecosystems. It has a bird list of over 1,100 bird species. Birding is good throughout the year, but the best from November to April when the migratory birds from north Africa and Europe are present. At this time, many birds are nesting and breeding. This safari takes you to the popular birding destinations in northern Tanzania.

Day 1: Arusha

Upon arrival at Kilimanjaro airport, your driver will meet you at the exit of the arrivals area, to transfer you to the luxurious Mount Meru Hotel in Arusha. This hotel is located on the foothills of Mount Meru. Settle into your accommodation, relax and enjoy dinner, before your safari starts in the morning.

Day 2: Tarangire National Park

After breakfast we drive in about 2 hours to Tarangire National Park. This elephant and bird paradise is incredible diverse and giant baobab trees scatter the park. Tarangire still has an authentic rawness and is as ‘wild’ as it gets in the northern circuit. You can spot here more than 550 bird species, including the osprey, marabou, white pelican, vultures, woodland kingfisher, red billed hornbill, yellow necked spur fowl, white face whistling duck and pygmy falcons. In the afternoon we drive to Tarangire Sopa Lodge for dinner and overnight. This lodge lies among the ancient baobab trees and grassland of the national park.

Day 3: Tarangire National Park

Full day bird watching in Tarangire National park. The lively Silale Swamp is one of the highlands of Tarangire. Here you can see the largest selections of breeding birds anywhere in the world, including orange-bellied parrots, lovebirds, yellow billed stork, hoopoe, lilac breasted roller and the largest flying bird, the Kori Bustard. The swamps is also the place to see lots of leopards and lions. Late afternoon we return to Tarangire Sopa Lodge, where you can enjoy the outdoor pool and bar that overlook the Serengeti.

Day 4: Tarangire National Park

Another full day bird watching in Tarangire National park, which is considered to offer the best year-round birdwatching in Tanzania. At the end of the afternoon we return to Tarangire Sopa Lodge which as excellent views of the surrounding plains.

Day 5: Serengeti National Park

En route towards the Serengeti we drive through Olduvai Gorge, also known as the ‘cradle of mankind’. At this site the earliest human skull in the world was discovered and footsteps dating back three million years. This place is prehistoric and significant in understanding the early human evolution. Ulduvai Gorge is a steep valley of about 50 km (32 mi) long, situated in the Great Rift Valley, in the eastern part of the Serengeti. After this visit we set off to Seronera Wildlife Lodge, in central Serengeti, for dinner and overnight stay.

Day 6: Serengeti National Park

Full day bird watching in Serengeti National park. Over 500 bird species fly above the savannah, in the forest and around the many rivers in the Serengeti. You can spot, secretary bird, lilac breasted roller, black eagles, raptors, kori bustard and many more. One of the top birding spots is Lake Ndutu where you can see a fabulous selection of birds, including the grey- breasted spurfowl, fischer’s lovebird, red-billed hornbill, rufous-tailed weaver, yellow-throated sandgrouse, white-tailed lark, karamoja apalis, grey-crested helmet-shrike and superb starling with its multi-colored feathers. Dinner and overnight at Serengeti Sopa Lodge.

Day 7 : Serengeti National Park

This second day of birding in the Serengeti we set off to another area in the Serengeti. Spot the many beautiful bird species and the other big game you encounter during the game drive. In the afternoon we return to Serengeti Sopa Lodge. This lodge is located on the edge of the Rift Valley Escarpment with great views across the Serengeti plains and has a large outdoor swimming pool. Relax at the pool and enjoy dinner before you get a good night’s rest.

Day 8: Serengeti – Ngorongoro

This is the last morning of birding in Serengeti National Park while we drive towards the Ngorongoro Crater. In the afternoon we arrive at Ngorongoro Wildlife Lodge, which is perched on the crater rim. Large binoculars are placed along the balcony edge, making it possible to view the animals on the crater floor.

Day 9: Ngorongoro Crater

After early breakfast, we descend to the Ngorongoro Crater floor for wildlife and bird watching till late afternoon. This collapsed volcano is home to all of Africa’s famous wildlife and has its own unique ecosystem. Leopards, lions, hyenas and jackals can be found on the savannah as well as elephants, buffaloes, wildebeest, zebras, ostriches and rhinos. The crater offers also excellent birding with species like the golden winged sun bird, jackson’s widow, tacazze sun bird, rufous tailed weaver and livingstone’s turaco. Between September and April the migrants also inhabit the crater. Late in the afternoon we drive to Bougainvillea Safari Lodge for dinner and overnight stay.

Day 10: Lake Manyara National Park

This morning we head to Lake Manyara National Park, which is famous for its massive soda lake crowded with flamingos, troops of baboons, tree-climbing lions and the breathtaking scenery. The soda lake attracts so many birds and you can spot about 400 bird species in this park such as hornbills, pelicans, vultures, ash starling, spotted morning thrush and the lilac breasted rollers. In the afternoon we go for dinner and overnight to Lake Manyara Wildlife Lodge.

Day 11: Lake Manyara National Park – Arusha

This is the last morning you can enjoy the beautiful flora and fauna in this small but scenic park. After this last game drive we go back to Arusha where you have some time to relax at the lodge and stay for overnight. Dinner and overnight at Maasailand Safari Lodge which offer great views of Mount Meru.

Day 12: Departure

Today your safari adventure has come to an end. We bring you to Kilimanjaro Airport for you flight home.
Note. We can create a customized itinerary exactly the way you wish. You like to add other parks or extend your safari with a beach holiday on Zanzibar? Contact us to design your ideal safari.


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