African Queen Adventures offers tailor-made safaris in Tanzania that bring your safari dreams to life.  We love to show you the famous natural wonders of this country, but also the hidden treasures. We take you from the best wildlife spots in northern Tanzania to the raw authentic wilderness in the south and from the top of the Kilimanjaro to the endless stretches of white sandy beaches in tropical Zanzibar.

Why should you choose African Queen Adventures?

Private safaris

Everyone is different and has other wishes and interests, therefore no itinerary should be the same. You prefer to visit the famous national parks in the north or take the road less travelled in the south or west? Spotting the Big Five is on your bucket-list or birdwatching or a walking safari in the Serengeti? Private safaris offer you a huge freedom. You can travel on your own terms and at your own pace, since you have a private guide and vehicle. If you love to stop at the river for an hour to see herds of elephants bathing, that’s possible. Or if you want to relax at the pool instead of a full day game viewing, it’s up to you. We create a tailor-made safari that meets your expectations and brings your safari dreams to life.

Local tour operator

We are a local tour operator and take care of you from the time you arrive at the airport, right up until you fly home. African Queen Adventures is owned and staffed by Tanzanian people who were born and raised in Tanzania and live here. We know everything about this country and can tell you all about the culture, nature, wildlife and hidden treasures. We believe it offers you a richer, more interesting experience. Another advantage of choosing a local tour operator is that locals benefit directly from your presence. Our office is based in Arusha (Tanzania) and we have over 10 years of experience in the safari business.

Experienced multilingual guides

Safari guides are a crucial part of a successful safari. A great safari guide understands what makes a safari special and will turn every game drive into an exciting adventure. That is why our team only consists of skilled and experienced guides who speak from their own personal experience. Been there, done that. All our guide are wildlife experts and great spotters. They are fluent in English and most are multilingual -speaking more foreign languages- including German, Spanish, Italian, Russian and Chinese.

Safari vehicles

We have our own safari vehicles; the latest modified Land Cruisers (4 wheel drive). These vehicles are comfortable with high backed seats and plenty of leg space. The roof hatches allow optimal wildlife viewing since this roof can flip to the front, back and even taken off completely from the vehicle. This way you can stand up, out of the top of the vehicle or even sit on the roof. During long travel distances the roof will be closed. Our vehicles are fully equipped with first aid kits, built-in fridge and long range radio system for easy communication.

Personal Service

We believe the best way to create your dream safari is working together. You tell us your wishes, expectations and interests and we give you a personal advice when to go, where to stay and the things you can see. We blend it into an amazing handcrafted safari itinerary that brings your safari dreams to life. With over 10 years of experience in planning unique safari itineraries, we know the importance of personal service and attention to detail.

Competitive prices

As a local safari company based in Arusha we have competitive rates which we can pass to our customers, so you have a price advantage when booking with us. We offer competitive rates for every budget, from low-end to ultra-luxurious safaris. You can also ask us for personal advice on where to save and where to spend.